Welcome to The Lot Podcast

The Lot Podcast
Last week marked the launch of The Lot Podcast, brought to you by AutoFi. I’m extremely proud of the new show. It’s not a digital retail podcast or a general automotive business podcast; it has a very clear focus: celebrating the successful career journeys that can come from selling cars.

With almost 2,000,000 people employed in the retail automotive industry, there is a good chance that someone successful you know got his or her start on the lot. This podcast tells their stories. We launched with episode one, with Chris Mathurin. He’s one of the fastest-growing State Farm agents in the country, who stars in their recruiting videos, and he got his start selling cars.

Listen now and hear Chris and me chop it up about using the lessons learned on the car lot to find opportunity, fulfillment, and growth. You don’t want to miss it.

Please, listen, bookmark, subscribe, rate, and help me blow it up.

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