The difference between a mediocre and an exceptional shopping experience

AutoFi MasterClass

These days car-shoppers are extremely conscious of the buying experience. They want to be treated as a human from the lead stage to closing — whether online, in the showroom, or both.

Is your dealership giving customers mediocre or exceptional experiences at each stage of the funnel? In Master Class this week, we helped dealerships explore their performances at every important step. And the key is preparation.

When a web lead walks into the showroom with the intent to buy, the dealership should already be prepared across the following stages.

Master Class Web Leads

The role of the salesperson in this case is to get the customer — with her new car — out of the showroom as quickly as possible. This is accomplished through a quick welcome, followed by an agenda (filling out any remaining paperwork), and then finally a commitment (do you have any remaining questions before we wrap up?).

The transition from AutoFi web lead to in-storeroom customer close is essential for any dealership’s bottom line. The most important part is to create a process as outlined above — from vehicle to paperwork to people — and to continue to iterate on it for scalable and repeatable successes that directly affect the bottom line.

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