How to turn digital leads into customers who buy

AutoFi MasterClass

Capturing leads on your website is the easy part. These days most dealers have some sort of chat button or “Contact us” form on their sites. The challenge is to find the best way to follow-up with these real humans, and nudge them toward buying a vehicle.

The key takeaway is always to be a resource, and not a roadblock. Here are 3 best practices for supporting the sales process as a resource.

The first is active listening, a process in which you openly acknowledge and answer shopper questions. Here’s a helpful example.

MasterClass Chart

The second tip is to exceed expectations with value-add content. Encourage your sales team to create shareable content on their devices. Here’s an example.

MasterClass Chart

The third ticket to resourcefulness is driving commitments; each time a shopper completes an action, he or she is saying yes. Here’s an example of driving progress through choices.

MasterClass Chart

When it comes to follow-ups it’s important not to get bogged-down focusing on the hand-off from online to real life. What’s more important are active listening, exceeding expectations, and driving commitments to move shoppers down the funnel. Focus and improvement across these 3 pillars will affect the bottom line positively.

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