How to improve your dealership’s brand

AutoFi MasterClass

For many people the idea of building a brand is daunting. Thoughts drift to Super Bowl Ads or out-of-touch influencers expensing pricey beers on Instagram.

But the reality is your dealership can earn incremental and lasting gains with a focused (and inexpensive) brand update.

This week’s Master Class highlights what an outdated brand looks like for a dealership:

  • We Are The Largest
  • We Are The Cheapest
  • We Are The Oldest
  • We Are The Friendliest / Treat You Like Family
  • We Are The Best / Most Award-Winning
  • We Can Get You Approved!

Host Joe St. John replaces those brand pillars with what customers are looking for in 2020: speed, convenience, and transparency.

The modern pillars can be translated in practical ways, drilling down to services like transparent pricing, generous exchange programs, pick up, and delivery.

Of course, brand programs don’t guarantee that you’ll hit all your aggressive revenue goals. Brand shouldn’t be the sales and marketing strategy. Instead, it should be viewed as one of many channels — alongside email, paid advertising, social media, community relations, and others — that contribute to growth. That said, brand strength has the ability to pay off in exponential ways, as it can continue to compound positively for years to come.

3 takeaways to share with your dealership colleagues:

  • Your dealership needs a modern brand promise
  • The attributes of that modern brand promise should be: speed, convenience, and transparency
  • Brand improvements can drive major gains across the business, especially at the bottom line.

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