The #1 platform that helps sell more vehicles

AutoFi makes it easy to digitalize your showroom, sales, and financing.

A tool on your website moving leads down the funnel

Drive the consumer further down the road to the sale.

AutoFi Funnel
Autofi Control Center

A powerful control center customized for your business

AutoFi is designed from the ground up specifically for automotive dealers. Build your entire business on the platform, or incorporate our sales and finance tools into your existing system. Get tools that work with how you manage your business.

Thousands of dealers trust AutoFi to power all their operations, from online showrooms to remote sales to F&I. And with AutoFi’s white-glove implementation service and ongoing technical support, every detail is managed to your specifications.

Create deeper connections with digital customers and simplify their path to purchase


  • Offer customers a new pathway to engage on your website
  • Guide customers down the funnel and help in their “moment of need”
  • Provide sales assistance 24/7, with flexibility to takeover customer conversations in real time
AutoFi Chat Technology

Why dealers prefer AutoFi

Why Dealers Prefer AutoFi
Customized CRM

Customized to work with your CRM

  • Specify CRM integration rules to match your existing system
  • Maximize close rates and PVR
  • Create a first pencil for each customer
Centralized Hub

Centralized hub for the business

  • Streamline and standardize dashboard for all sales intelligence
  • Create single system of record for all leads and prospects
  • Remove headaches with real-time updates to maintain compliance
Trade-in Workflows

Flexible trade-in valuation workflows

  • Present trade-in estimate to consumers as they build deals
  • Provide an instant cash offer with TrueCar, AccuTrade, or CarStory integrations
  • Set trade value after review of vehicle survey
Consumer Credit

Multiple ways to get consumers credit

  • Maintain control while giving consumers transparent information
  • Access custom lender routing rules, rate markups, and bank fee thresholds
  • Tap into direct integrations with RouteOne and DealerTrack
Dealer Software Solution
Maximize gross margins

The AutoFi solution

AutoFi is the premier digital retailing and finance solution designed to boost sales. Our platform is proven to increase cars sold per salesperson per month, with fewer resources. This leads to a more profitable dealership and happier customers.


AutoFi changed our whole entire outlook when it comes to selling cars digitally. It just created a better experience for everyone — dealers and consumers.
Matt Greenblatt, Vice President, Matt Blatt Dealerships