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Sell Smarter in Your Showroom

We’ve packaged the solutions to your most complex problems into one powerful platform, bridging the gap between your CRM and DMS.

Deal Estimation

Empowers your salespeople to build trust with customers by helping them determine how much car they can afford, value their trade, and receive real-time lender offers. All with guardrails in place to protect your profitability.


Present numbers faster with AutoFi’s dynamic desking solution which features quick editability, a customizable pricing matrix display, an integrated submission experience, subvented rate support, and zero-down lease functionality.

Finance Control Desk

Save managers time by enabling them to identify data entry errors and potential credit challenges, and to manage co-applicants before submitting a customer’s credit application.

Intelligent Lender Routing

Our proprietary system takes the guesswork out of lender routing for managers and submits credit applications to the right lenders every time, based on current guidelines and your specifications.

Real Dealer Results

Faster Sales

from customer check-in to a loan approval
0 Minutes
(28% higher than traditional lender selection process)
0 Lender approval rate

Higher Satisfaction

Lift in CSI

0 %+

More Profit

Incremental Back-end PVR

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