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Revolutionizing the way Mitsubishis
are bought and sold

An Industry-first OEM and Dealer shopping and buying experience, in partnership with AutoFi and Santander

A new approach

The Mitsubishi ClickShop 2.0 program combines the powerful digital retailing and showroom solutions of AutoFi with the financing power of Santander, to benefit Mitsubishi dealers and customers in unprecedented ways. The program will revolutionize the way car buyers shop, while helping dealers sell more cars and make more money.

A connected experience

Mitsubishi Motors Website

Elevate the consumer shopping experience on the Mitsubishi Motors website by enabling customers to pre-qualify and the ability to shop dealer inventory by payment

Mitsubishi Dealer Website

Extend the enhanced consumer shopping experience to the dealer website by enabling customers to pre-qualify and the ability to shop new and used inventory by payment

Mitsubishi Dealer Showroom

Provide a seamless transition into the showroom by empowering the dealership staff to sell more efficiently and submit deals for approval

Leverage the Financing Power of Santander Bank

As a Mitsubishi dealer you are already utilizing Santander Consumer USA as the captive lender on new car sales. With this program you can further leverage the relationship with Santander and receive preferred lender treatment including lower rates, more approvals, and better policy on deals running through AutoFi.

Driving Impactful Results

More high-quality leads

Increase engagement with ready-to-buy shoppers by enabling consumers to land on the right vehicle, and offering prequalification and the ability to shop vehicles by payment.

Higher gross per deal

Increase profit through preferred pricing and policy from Santander, plus by offering a collaborative customer experience that makes them more open to spend money on the back-end.

Reduced costs

Replace current showroom desking and digital retailing solutions with AutoFi which will be entirely covered by CO-OP dollars. Plus, earn platform credits on the monthly subscription rates based on volume originated with Santander.

AutoFi solves your real-world problems and helps you sell smarter