How to close remote deals

AutoFi MasterClass

Throughout the first 6 weeks of Master Class we’ve spent a lot of time talking about the transition of web leads to in-showroom shoppers, and for good reason.

But what about folks who simply want to buy their next vehicles from the comfort of their own living rooms? Whether it’s convenience, COVID, stress-free or all the above — shoppers are increasingly content buying cars completely remotely.

This week’s session dives into specific ways salespeople can market and sell to leads at home. Joe explores the many ways salespeople can turn into content creators to help promote and close deals.

Exceed Expectations

The most important thing in auto sales today is to bring the point of sale to the customer. These points happen through remote deals, quick quotes, and QSR codes — all dynamic parts of the AutoFi platform. It’s undeniable that remote deals are here to stay; the winners will be those who figure out how to do it most creatively and with the most flexibility.

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