How to work remote leads

AutoFi MasterClass

This week in Master Class we talk about owning the remote selling process. Some sales folks still don’t see the need to re-work their approaches in this new environment. This oversight will inevitably hurt your dealership’s bottom line.

Define the Process

After passing through the denial process, these salespeople must define the remote funnel to truly understand and optimize it. Later on in the session, I dive into best practices for dealers to close deals remotely, without ever physically interacting with the shopper.

Remote Selling Process

The moral of the story is that you can’t superficially sell cars online; you have to either have both feet in, or don’t even bother. Sorry for the bad language but half-assing it just isn’t going to get anything done.

Digital selling is here to stay and dealers who embrace it and actively seek to get better at it will have advantages over those who keep their heads in the sand. The sooner you start, the better for your bottom line.

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