5 ways AutoFi helps Subaru retailers make customers feel like stars

AutoFi is joining the Subaru Certified Digital Program just as savvy retailers are updating their technology solutions to maximize performance in this unique market with high digital demand—and limited supply. The AutoFi platform drives sales and creates efficiencies for retailers and managers, all while making your customer feel like a star. Below are the top 5 ways AutoFi makes this happen for Subaru retailers. 

A flexible platform engaging customers exactly where they are in the car-buying journey
After spending hours researching a vehicle purchase, some customers are ready to engage with tools that give detailed insights on payments or perhaps a credit application; while others are ready to buy and want a deal-oriented process online; still others may want the structure of a scheduled appointment in the showroom. Customers are all different; let them shop how they choose while saving time and building trust with customizable pathways for customers to engage with your sales department.

This customer- and dealer-centricity is a win-win, backed by a platform designed for flexibility, accuracy, customization, consultation, conversion, and efficiency. It’s no surprise that our retail partners see more apps and more F&I products sold as customers self-select their preferences.

Adjustable trade-in solutions maximizing smooth interactions in-store
As our industry grapples with erratic supply and demand trends, trade-in values are also changing quickly. AutoFi’s trade-in solutions provide you with control over which guide and allowance structure to use in addition to Subaru Guaranteed Trade Program integrations. To protect against extreme volatility, retailers can even route 100% of all trades to their staff for valuation, ensuring local market conditions are taken into consideration. Learn more here.

Of course, you can’t stock a lot with trades you don’t see. And as trades are added, modified and removed by shoppers, you have visibility into these customer actions. If a trade is worth even more than was shown, you can delight customers and stock your lot with the right pre-owned merchandise. Speaking of visibility…

Real-time insights into customer progression, enabling informed conversations between your staff and customers
As customers explore payments and terms, they are learning and sharing about their needs and wants. Pick that conversation up in a consultative way by following the breadcrumbs in a customer-centric manner and show your customers that they won’t have to repeat themselves and can move to the head of the car-buying line.

Customer-centric processes streamlining re-engagement
Every week, prospects and old-solds get the same calls and emails from traditional car dealerships: an anxiety-inducing cacophony of “When can you come in?” Stand out as a customer-centric retailer by offering a new way to research and buy with convenience and comfort. Follow up with information and merchandising on your process—and AutoFi platform technology that gets customers re-engaged in your online journey. On average, dealers using AutoFi see a 96% jump in appointments.

Real-time customer-facing offers of credit instead of the unsatisfying “Someone will reach out to you”
Stand out among competition by meeting digital shoppers on their devices, and serving a real deal to shoppers 24/7, delivering lender offers to your customers while they are still on their devices.

Customers selecting a firm offer of credit gain emotional connections to their deals, removing them from the market, producing yet another win-win.

Create customer joy and trust; while presenting your pricing, your protection products, Subaru Accessories, offers and rate markups from your lenders (including integrations with SMF and 40+ others) to 100% of your customers, 100% of the time. Request a demo to learn more about AutoFi today!

Patrick Wyld is the Director of Training at AutoFi