5 actionable digital retail takeaways from the first Real Deal Live

We recently launched a new Facebook Live show called The Real Deal Live. Every two weeks, our VP of Marketing Kerri Wise and Senior Director of Dealer Success Michelle Melecio Taylor speak with top leaders across the automotive industry about real strategies for success.

In this inaugural episode, Kerri and Michelle sit down with Matt Greenblatt, Vice President of Matt Blatt Dealerships. Below we make it easy to find the best 5 actionable insights; just drag the slider to the times highlighted below. 

Your need for digital retail may evolve over time (7:31)
Digital retail existed before 2020, and Matt had tried a few providers. In this segment he shares his first experience with DR, back when it was only considered an additional button for lead capture.

In 2020, Matt migrated to AutoFi and saw how DR could help grow not just his online business—but also his showroom sales once the lockdowns lifted.

In this section, Matt reflects on the fear we felt at the time but also discusses the opportunity he saw around a streamlined, blended approach to sales. 

What’s good for the customer could also be good for training your staff (8:54)
Matt gets inspiration from Jeff Bezos and discusses how he shifted his focus from a process that works for his store, to a process that works for his customers. Understanding the need for a customer-centric and future-proof approach, Matt shares how he leaned into his learnings from early 2020 to expand his AutoFi experience beyond his website. 

In this clip, you can hear him talk about Matt Blatt’s branding, and the perhaps surprising benefits of a simple approach. When speaking about the simplicity of AutoFi progression from a calculator to a tool also used deeper in the customer journey, Matt explains: “If a customer is able to utilize it, somebody that I just hired that has no experience in the car business is able to utilize it as well.”

Constantly strive to do better, especially when doing well (21:37)
With supply low and demand high, dealers are doing well financially—but now is not the time to take our feet off the gas. Dealers adapted to new processes and technology amid 2020’s challenges; Matt discusses how 2021 is an equally-important time to invest in process improvement, customer service, human capital, and technology.

Future-proof your variable operations by focusing on strengths, and doubling-down on your areas of opportunity. 

Digital retail is for desking, not just lead capture (24:35)
Speaking of maximizing technology, Matt shares how AutoFi generates desked deals, not leads, both at home and in-store.

Matt uses AutoFi on his website to generate deals and also uses it in-store to maximize the capabilities of his team. AutoFi has increased the efficiency of his sales staff at multiple rooftops.

Empower your best salespeople to sell even more (32:48)
In this time of inventory uncertainty, strong dealers want to maximize the performance and earnings of their top salespeople. Matt talks about how he uses AutoFi in-store to save time for his staff, while creating a better experience for his customers.

As with most things, the proof is in the pudding: more sales per consultant at multiple stores. “You can work with less sales people… because you can get through a deal quicker, he says.”

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