Luring Back Car-Buyers Who Abandon the Digital Retail Process

On the AutoFi platform 18% of customers start the digital retail experience and make it all the way through to credit app submission. This means that 82% of people start online and then abandon the experience. Some folks aren’t ready to buy, and others just don’t want to do everything online—while a third cohort simply might not understand the value of continuing online in terms of time saved and transparency. 

It is therefore important for your dealership to step in and meet these defectors exactly where they left the process. AutoFi’s Deal Center empowers your staff—from the BDC to sales to F&I and management—to more effectively lure these defectors back in, and close them. 

Here are some ways top dealers use AutoFi’s Deal Center to work deals with the 82%:

-Sales and BDC teams build and send deals remotely, enabling customers to make real-time manual adjustments in a shared experience. AutoFi’s Remote Deal feature in Deal Center lets teams send customized offers to the defectors, re-engaging and pulling them back into the purchase experience. As a result, dealers see 73% open rates, 96% more scheduled appointments, and a 234% jump in credit applications when a consumer receives a remote deal. 

-Remote deals sent on vehicles not yet in a dealer’s inventory keep the dealership top-of-mind for people still in the market to buy. As dealers continue to cope with inventory shortages by selling into their pipelines and ordering vehicles for customers, this feature gives customers real-time credit decisions so they can calculate payments and obtain firm offers of credit for vehicles not yet on the lot. 

-Automatic quotes linked to the specific deal the customer was working on cultivate interaction even when the showroom is closed. AutoFi’s Quick Quote tool provides this service automatically around the clock through your CRM and delivers a 90% increase in scheduled appointments, a 230% jump in credit applications, and a 110% increase in trade-in inquiries. 

AutoFi’s new Deal Center is the comprehensive solution to draw digital defectors back to the sales journey by bringing the point of sale to them, offering the digital option for each remaining stage of the purchase. Ready to convert more of 82% who abandon your digital funnel? Book a meeting, or if you’re already a customer contact your AutoFi Dealer Success rep today.