AutoFi’s In-Store Trade Payoff Frees-up Your Desk on Busy Saturdays

At dealerships across the country, Saturdays feel busier than ever. With limited inventory, desk managers are spread thin, creating a perfect storm of Sales Consultants waiting for pricing, payments, and payoffs. Everything feels pending. Two weeks ago I saw a line of 4 consultants waiting just to talk with the desk. 

AutoFi noticed, and we are introducing trade payoff functionality that allows managers to delegate the busywork of pulling trade payoffs to their consultants. This tool enables consultants to bring a more complete package to the desk, saving managers time and focusing them on dealmaking—not busywork.

How It Works

AutoFi leverages proprietary integrations to ingest payoff data from more than 100 lenders, ranging from large institutions like FordCredit, Wells Fargo, and Chase down to regional players like PNC and literally dozens of credit unions. You can even pull trade payoffs with lenders you don’t have an agreement with!

Your consultants start by building a deal for the customer. Once the consultant knows that the customer has a trade they enter their trade payoff information. AutoFi populates the trade payoff into the deal. Your consultants can even pull payoffs before you appraise the car!  

We’ve all paged (or yelled) those questions across the showroom, “What’s the payoff on this deal?” “Where are they registering this car?”

Instead of managers chasing consultants to get the right information, your consultants can bring you a deal with the information you need to structure deals faster at the desk.

AutoFi provides guardrails by incorporating your fees and markups to protect the house (and your consultants) and minimize roadblocks; our taxes are so accurate that online car marketplaces use AutoFi’s tax engine for their online-only sales.

Control is in our DNA

Want more than a 10-day payoff to ensure that your back office has time to cut a check and get the payment to the correct place? Work with your DSM to customize your payoff days to align with your operation.

Your DSM can customize the trade payoff days used by your dealership. 12 days? 13-days? 21-days? Whatever best aligns with your strategy and needs.

Freeing-up Managers to Do What They Get Paid to Do

Every manager wants more information so that they can focus on deals, structuring, and getting customers across the line. With AutoFi trade payoffs, your in-store team can bring better information to the desk to save the manager time and keep your deals moving and flowing with fewer bottlenecks.

We don’t pay our managers to do busywork. We pay our managers to make sales. Enable your managers to do more by having your consultants use AutoFi trade payoffs. 

Yes, the AutoFi platform sets your Sales Managers up to get more deals done, but what about Finance Managers? Next we will show how AutoFi redefines end-to-end to go all the way into F&I!

Patrick Wyld is the Director of Training at AutoFi.