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3 Ways Your DR Platform is Controlling YOU

We know that dealerships leak profit when sales employees work outside the dealership’s established rules and processes. And while Digital Retail platforms should empower the dealership with controls to address this problem, dealers across the country tell us that their DR tools lack flexibility and actually impose rules and process upon them, so who really is in control? The dealer or the platform?

That’s why we designed AutoFi to provide the flexibility to configure the platform to sell online, with your BDC, and in your showroom. With the right system, dealerships can manage deal structures, set up the way they want to sell, and ensure compliance. With the wrong system, dealers can instead feel controlled and frustrated.

So what are 3 ways your DR platform could be controlling YOU?

1. Your deal structures are inflexible
Does your DR platform structure and display real payments, with instant lender decisions and lender-specific credit bands? If the answers are no and you are stuck walking the customer down off a payment they saw on your website—then you’re not in control of your platform.

With AutoFi you can show lender decisions in fewer than 60 seconds, taking away the guessing game for customers. You can further customize the F&I experience with your pricing, your markups, your lenders, and your decisioning criteria.

2. You’re locked into a rigid selling process

Does your DR platform sell how you sell in the showroom or is it a rigid, locked selling process that prevents customers from moving forward? Does your platform give you the control to mark up or down rates? Again, if the answers are no—you’re not in control of your platform.

Selling a car is not a linear process, but some DR platforms can’t react to your unique strategy. Your platform has to adapt to the way you sell—whether it’s the type of store (one-person selling or traditional) or your unique process of selling within your buyer flow. AutoFi empowers rather than controls dealers because the technology has the flexibility to mold to any dealership type, or process.

3. Your DR platform is cutting corners on compliance

The new FTC Safeguard Rules mean working with non-compliant vendors could cost your dealership millions of dollars in fines, and you’re even more vulnerable if you don’t have control of and oversight into your DR program.

At AutoFi we take data security seriously. We employ an external 3rd party to audit our security, processing controls, confidentiality, and privacy to earn our SOC 2 Type II Certification annually. As one of your service providers, AutoFi helps secure customer data and mitigate compliance risk by helping you meet some of the requirements within the amended FTC Safeguards Rule.

With profit stakes so high, dealers can’t afford to be controlled by inflexible DR platforms. AutoFi’s flexibility to configure the platform around your dealership’s specific selling strategy and tactics puts YOU back in control, so you can deliver DONE Deals—easier sales, more profits. Get started today.