Easier Sales, More Profit

Empower your team with technology that accelerates the sale

Most platforms are limited in their capabilities and fall short on empowering dealers to convert shoppers into buyers and protect profitability. AutoFi delivers DONE Deals by empowering dealers with technology that accelerates the sale no matter where the customer is—online, internet, or in the showroom. This creates an easier, more efficient sales experience, with more opportunities for profit.

Delivering Results

More Engaged Buyers

7X More credit applications compared to our average competitors

High Close Rates

48% Of customers who receive instant lender approvals from a dealer through AutoFi, buy from the dealership

Increased Profitability

$411 More back-end profit on AutoFi deals vs. Non-AutoFi deals for our most engaged dealers

Powering the Entire Automotive Ecosystem

From our showroom selling solutions, to digital retail solutions and APIs, AutoFi is helping the leading innovators in automotive offer a differentiated selling experience, centered on financing innovation, that helps them dominate the competition.

Beyond Digital Retail

Elevate Your Entire Sales Experience

Dealership Website

Enable car buyers to shop on your website and receive real-time lender offers

Phone and Email

Increase your show rate by texting or emailing a trackable deal


Close deals with less friction by empowering your team to collaboratively work deals

You're in Control


  • Your pricing, markups, lenders, lender-specific credit bands, and decisioning criteria
  • Guardrails that give managers visibility and the ability to intervene


  • Adaptable to every dealership type from one person to traditional
  • Flexible enough to accommodate your unique sales process

Security and Compliance

  • SOC 2 Type II certified to ensure your customers' data is secure
  • Integration with DSGSS, enabling you to streamline the compliance check on AutoFi

Trusted Across By Top Dealers

"AutoFi changed our whole entire outlook when it comes to selling cars digitally. It just created a better experience for everyone — dealers and consumers."

Matt Greenblatt, Vice President, Matt Blatt Dealerships

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