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AutoFi is the only digital ecommerce solution with real time lender decisioning

Convert leads into buyers

Engage customers with a digital path to purchase. Provide a seamless experience whether online or in-store.

  • Customers stay on your site 200% longer
  • AutoFi online buyers convert at 40% over average
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AutoFi convert leads into buyers

Further in the funnel online means increased likelihood to buy

Sell cars 24/7, even when the lights are off

17% of AutoFi conversion happens when the store is closed

Empower your sales team

AutoFi provides deal winning information that creates trust between your sales team and their customers.

  • Dealers set appointments above historical average
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“People are saying ‘why can’t I just buy a car online’ and now I get to look at them and say ‘you can’.”

—  Rick Ricart , Ricart Automotive Group
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