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Ricart Automotive Group

  • Founded in Canal Winchester, Ohio in 1953
  • 8 Brands and Presidents Award winner
  • Dedicated AutoFi sales team
  • On average 60 units sold per month directly through AutoFi

“People are saying ‘why can’t I just buy a car online’ and now I get to look at them and say ‘you can’.”

—  Rick Ricart , Ricart Automotive Group

Sanderson Ford

  • Founded in Glendale, Arizona in 1955
  • Most awarded dealership in Arizona
  • 75% of AutoFi customers purchase F&I products
  • On average 23 units sold per month using AutoFi

"If I could do 100 percent of my deals this way, I would."

—  Dave Tedder , Sanderson Ford

Tasca Automotive Group

  • Founded in Bristol, Rhode Island in 1943
  • Ford, Lincoln, and Used site on AutoFi platform
  • Fully customer centered process
  • Multiple world-wide volume records

"AutoFI provides our customers with a best in class way to complete their vehicle purchase.”

—  Bob Tasca III , Tasca Automotive Group