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Moving Deals from Zero to Done

Dealers in this environment are looking for ways to convert more of their shoppers into buyers, while protecting profitability.

Kayla Kody, VP of Marketing and Business Development at Richmond Ford, has found a way to use digital technology to get an 80% show rate, an 80% close rate (on those shows), and a 20% increase in back-end profits. 

In a live session this Thursday at 2pm ET, Kerri Wise and Kayla will discuss how top dealerships like Richmond Ford use digital technology to engage customers and move them faster to the sale. 

The session will deep-dive into best practices around using digital technology to drive ROI for your store. This includes: 

  • More engaged buyers. How to drive more engagement from digital retail start to credit app and showroom visit.
  • Higher close rates. How to increase close rates, and close deals faster. 
  • Increased profitability. How to increase back-end profits, using digital technology.  

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