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Selling F&I Products Through the AutoFi Platform Just Got Easier

Most online consumers prefer to select aftermarket products in a stressfree environment. F&I Plus on the AutoFi platform makes it easier to add aftermarket products during checkout with informed decision-making.

Dealers using AutoFi’s platform found their F&I product sales continue to grow. Vehicle service contracts have seen a 52% increase, while GAP penetration has seen a 48% growth. Sanderson Ford in Pheonix Arizona averages over $2,000 gross profit per vehicle

Things just got better!

Introducing F&I Plus

AutoFi’s latest platform update, F&I Plus, vastly improves the display of each dealership’s F&I products. It’s easier than ever for customers to access more information and make clear choices. The new functionality showcases F&I products in a comprehensive, user-friendly view format. 

The dynamic interface allows automotive dealerships to showcase their F&I products in a more engaging format. Multimedia content is easily uploaded to the platform. Customers obtain answers to their most frequently asked questions from educational pick-and-choose menus.

F&I Plus improves the purchase experience with in-depth product descriptions that help consumers make informed purchase decisions. Buyers can evaluate options and self-select vehicle protection packages seamlessly.  

Display Formats

Dealers on the AutoFi platform can select any of the following three display formats:

    • F&I- Standard View (current): Dealership F&I options are displayed sequentially with basic content (name, description, brochure, and pricing). Customers must view all of the dealership’s F&I options. 
    • F&I Plus – Sequence View: Includes all standard view content PLUS a video or image, Q&A section, general information, and highlights for all F&I products. The content is displayed sequentially, and consumers have to view all F&I offerings. This view option is ideal for dealerships that have less than four F&I options.
    • F&I Plus – Menu View: Dealership F&I products display in a user-friendly menu format. Instead of viewing all of the dealership’s F&I options, consumers can select individual products of interest. This view option is ideal for dealerships that have more than four F&I options.

F&I Plus – Sequence View


F&I Plus –  Menu View Example 

AutoFi-F-and-I-Plus-Menu -iew

Visuals Help Sell 

Richer visual displays provide essential information quickly. Images and videos give your customers a full product and service overview. 

The versatility of multimedia formats engages customers early. Explainer videos help educate and promote your offers by improving product understanding. 

If, for example, a customer is short on time and wants to buy a car quickly, there are key highlights that summarize the products and FAQs. Interested car buyers won’t have to research additional online resources and can smoothly move through the buying steps on the dealership’s website. 

Giving customers all the necessary information through images, videos, descriptions, brochures, and pricing helps increase sales. When customers have transparency,  efficiency, and well-defined products, they are more apt to include aftermarket options during the checkout process.  

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