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Is your dealership delivering the Real Deal?

Digital retailing continues to evolve and today’s savvy customer drives that evolution. While the pandemic accelerated dealer adoption of digital retailing tools, customer demand for online finance discovery and transparency has taken off at an even faster pace.

While many dealers use digital retailing tools that help a customer calculate a monthly payment or get a soft approval, many shoppers are still looking for firm offers of credit in real time, wherever they are. According to a recent Cox study, 50% of car shoppers said they preferred to apply for credit/financing online or at home and the same study found that finance-based shopping was lacking on most dealership sites. 

The bottom line is that the point of sale has moved to wherever the customer is. That means your dealership’s shopping tools and process need to be flexible enough to accommodate car buyers however they want to transact, and at every stage of the funnel, including financing. In fact, 38% of credit applications on AutoFi are submitted after dealership hours.

Delivering a true end-to-end shopping experience, including customer-facing real-time credit decisioning, is the equivalent of a 24/7 showroom that will ultimately help you convert more sales. So where do you start?

-A dealer website that clearly articulates your commitment to transparency including finance-based shopping

-A digital retailing tool that provides the customer accurate pricing information and real-time credit decisioning from your select lenders based on your dealer controls and preferences

-Omnichannel sales tools enabling a seamless transition from online to offline 

AutoFi can help your dealership meet the demands of today’s digital customer and deliver more REAL DEALS in REAL TIME. Reach out to us today to schedule a demo.