What is Powered by AutoFi?

Today’s car buyers use multiple digital sources when shopping for a vehicle—from OEM websites to 3rd-party websites to lender websites and dealer websites. The reality is that in many cases, pricing information across all these automotive websites is not consistent. This is exacerbated when consumers receive different information in-store than they received online, resulting in frustration and distrust. 

Most digital retailing vendors are focused on their individual platforms; they are unable or unwilling to play in the sandbox with other solutions, and therefore don’t approach this challenge holistically.  

AutoFi is the only platform that powers the retail experiences across the entire automotive ecosystem including Tier1, Tier 2 and Tier 3. We work with some of the most innovative automotive brands including 2000+ dealers, 4 of the 6 largest franchise dealer groups, 2 of the 4 digital auto dealers, 3 of the largest automotive marketplaces, and 40+ lenders. 

These brands tap into our comprehensive website solutions, in-store tools, and APIs to increase consumer engagement and transactions. We stand out because of:

  • Accuracy. Digitally offer precise payments (at the VIN and local level) to car buyers based on firm offers of credit from our expansive network of captive and non-captive lenders.
  • Customization. Present your CTAs, pricing, discounts, F&I products, lenders, rate markups to align with your strategy and protect profitability.
  • Flexible selling tools. Enable your team to meet the needs of every car buyer, whether shopping online, in-store or a hybrid of both, including digitally offering a firm offer of credit in 60 seconds or less.
  • Process efficiency. Streamline the experience and move more cars, faster, which enables your team to do more.

The bottom line is that consumers submit 13X more credit applications on AutoFi compared to the average digital retailing tool and more than $3B in auto loans will be funded through AutoFi in 2021. 

So if the most innovative brands in the industry are using AutoFi, why can’t it work for you too? Reach out to us today to schedule a demo.