Kicking Fake Offers to the Curb: Get the REAL Deal

Over the last few years, we’ve been hard at work developing an end-to-end commerce solution. You may have heard the term ‘digital retailing’. Many meanings are floating around. It could be a confusing term. Let’s unpack what it really means.

At AutoFi, digital retailing means a platform that can transact with customers, in real-time. To sum it up, it means your customer can easily buy a car on your website or in-store.  

Now let’s take it a little further. Imagine if your customers could select a car from your inventory, determine payment options, value their trade-in, and include your back-end products? That sounds good, right?


Well, let’s go even further. What happens if your sales team receives contextual leads and can send digital offers? Your team can stay in touch with the shopper during every step of the buying process.

More importantly, AutoFi’s digital shopping experience means you can engage with shoppers through the entire process. What’s next? It’s time to close the deal.

Unfortunately, this is where other online shopping experiences fall short. The momentum stalls. The shopper has to come into the store and apply for credit. You were so close to getting the sale!

Here’s what’s really happening: Many people feel the car selling process is less than desirable. Statistics show that 87% of people dislike something about the car buying process and 61% feel they’re taken advantage of. There’s a big problem.

Let’s Change That

What happens if AutoFi can solve that problem? What happens if you could transact with your customers and close them online? Here’s where AutoFi knocks it out of the ballpark!

AutoFi successfully built the industries first automated full-spectrum lender network powered by direct integrations to your lenders. The AutoFi platform does the hard work for you.  It’s time for your dealership to be different, be better, and delight your customers in a new way. Set yourself apart from competitors.



What does this mean for you?

Your website transforms into a commerce site that enables customers to purchase a car entirely online.  You’re no longer constrained by physical operating hours. Powered by the AutoFi platform, customers can conveniently shop and buy a car from beginning to end. Sales receive qualified leads and can interact with digital offers to nurture customers through a buying journey. Then when it’s time to close the deal, they are guided through your websites simple application process and ultimately receive several loan offers to meet their personal financial objectives.

Your customers receive real offers from real lenders, in real-time.

No pre-qualifications. No pre-approvals. These are firm credit offers from industry leading lenders.  No fake offers period.

Your customers are empowered to transact online saving time and removing friction.  

It’s that easy!       

Let’s Talk Data And Results  

We’re witnessing a significant migration to digital retailing in all age brackets. Amazon has trained us to transact for just about everything online. Carvana, a platform for buying, financing, and selling used cars unveiled their Car Vending Machine in Indianapolis. America’s largest automotive retailer, AutoNation announced a strategic $50 million investment in Vroom, a leading online car retailer. The automotive e-commerce space is rapidly evolving.

With AutoFi, you’ll align with the consumer’s buying expectations. You’ll be ahead of the competition, not struggling to keep up wondering where your market share went.

But first, it’s time to recalibrate expectations around who will control the car buying experience. Ouch. That could be hard, but don’t fight the inevitable. You’ll still be in control, but it will be different.  The future of digital retailing is here, right now.

AutoFi helps you deliver positive results for all stakeholders in this complex three-party transaction.     

What are we hearing?

Customers love it.  

“So I can pick my lender and customize my offers?  Nice”.

Dealers love it.

“So I can sell my aftermarket products at my prices and set my rate markup?  Like it”.

Lenders love it.

“The controlled & complimentary marketplace” rewards speed, choice, and pricing.

Balancing the interests of all parties is hard. That’s why no one else has done it. We’re committed to your success. We’re simplifying the process. We’ll continue to focus on getting your customers to the finish line. With our platform, you’re the market leader that can present fast and flexible real lender offers to your customers.

To learn more about AutoFi’s dealer-centric lender network, please contact Ben Atkinson, Head of Lender Success at

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