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How to provide a more connected experience

AutoFi MasterClass

AutoFi MasterClass

What AutoFi originally built was an online checkout for automotive. It was incredible  how creative dealership employees were at using the early platform to solve their and their customers’ problems. The digital retail revolution wasn’t led by the tech companies; it was led by you, the dealership employees — the ones who knew, deep down, that if you could only get the customer the information she wanted faster and more accurately than anyone else, you could win that business. And that if you could normalize the checkout experience, you could hold more gross.

There is an undeniable link between customer experience (CX) and employee experience – and brands can’t improve one without improving the other. Though employee experience and CX should ultimately share a mutually dependent “chicken and egg” relationship, brands looking to improve their CX and drive a corresponding increase in ROI should first focus on creating the best employee experience possible.

Companies primarily compete on customer experience. But instead of focusing on improving overall customer experience, the main competitive differentiator will come from focusing on and improving each part of the buyer journey and customer experience. And of course, employee experience plays a role; companies with engaged employees reap the benefits.

The Journey

This is the complete journey constellation as we see it at AutoFi. The biggest lesson we’ve learned through our product is the depth of the connection between the entire lifecycle of a car purchase. If anyone of these nodes in your dealership’s system is spinning out of orbit — that could be costing you revenue dollars. Get started on a more connected experience today.

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