How to coach and train digital sales

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Some sales folks don’t want to change their approaches; they’re proud veterans with decades of experience, reluctant to change what’s always worked for them.

But these traditional approaches are endangered; the shift to digital is here. Sales directors must show leadership and get buy-in from the entire team. This responsibility lies squarely on your shoulders; that’s the leadership that today’s marketplace demands of us.

First ask yourself which of the 3 models is your dealership. Are you stuck with the traditional showroom-only approach in which the website is just used to collect email addresses?

Three Models

Digital integration is clearly the goal, as your business aligns with customer needs in 2021. How can you get there? The most important document in the process is the transition statement. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or formal. Instead, simply round up the relevant stakeholders and ask each of them what their goals are for digital transformation. It could be something abstract like an inspirational platitude or extremely specific down to the percentage of total revenue for the store coming from digital. Make a transition statement, circulate it around the office, and start today.

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