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Open Up F&I Managers to Sell More, using Stand Alone Credit App on a Busy Saturday

As this market continues to yield great profits amid limited inventory, strong dealers continue to seek out incremental gains in F&I PVR. After all, when we’re selling for all the money on the front end, the next move is back end gains. 

Manually Typing the App Hinders F&I Ability to Sell

Dealer Principals observe their F&I Managers making product presentations while typing apps into RouteOne or Dealertrack(RO/DT), and ask our field force every day for tools and strategies to help F&I managers focus more on selling and less on busywork.

Stand Alone Credit App is a digital credit application that securely delivers full credit apps to your RO/DT. 

  • No Paper. 
  • No GLBA risk. 
  • No manual typing. 
  • No F&I Time Wasted. 

The App in your RO/DT sets F&I up to sell product, then get your deal submitted and approved in just a few keystrokes. 

No more typing while presenting, and looking over the customer’s shoulder at the line of other deals. None of us are rock stars when triple-tasking like this, we’re just not. 

Creating Smoother Flow into F&I Opens Managers Up to Sell More

Slow F&I processes cost your F&I managers. And it costs us Net Profit. Faster F&I processes open your F&I managers up to sell more.

  • Apps In your RO/DT open F&I Managers up to perform pre-interviews and do tailored product presentations in the box. We all know this puts numbers on the board.
  • Apps In your RO/DT decrease the amount of overall time that F&I managers spend per deal, speeding up your customer flow on a busy Saturday. Faster Flow = More Customers. 
  • Apps in your RO/DT open up F&I manager’s time to do all the things that earn incremental dollars. Prospecting the Service Lane for VSC sales. Investing the time to flip a cash deals into a single pay lease. Giving away a deal at retention to get control over a credit union deal, to open up the ability to sell products. 
  • Apps in your RO/DT remove a hurdle for approvals, tamping down the need for “spot delivering” unapproved deals. 

Making it Work on a Busy Saturday

Your Dealer Success manager can help you ensure that you are maximizing your AutoFi Stand Alone Credit App on your website.

They will then work in your account to create an “In Store CTA” that can be placed on signage, printed and on sales desks, we even have a dealership who has laminated them and placed them on the back of Sales Desk monitors.

These in-store Apps go directly to your RO/DT, no other system standing in the way of this in-store efficiency.

From a Process Standpoint, it’s the same as a Paper App – just no manual entry by F&I.

Speak with your Dealer Success Manager today about this powerful element of your AutoFi package that can help you eliminate spend, and drive greater F&I performance on the busiest and most important days in your showroom.

Patrick Wyld is Director of Training at AutoFi