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Dealer Insight Dispatch: 2021 Lead Management Strategy

Lead management during inventory shortage

Tight inventory nationwide has thrown a monkey wrench into traditional dealership operations choking sales funnels across North America. Now is the time for strategic lead management to maximize opportunities for your dealership and maintain a healthy pipeline of customers. 

Lead management doesn’t have to be a chore. Optimizing your dealership’s sales tools means:

  • Enhancing the customer experience so customers choose YOU

  • Expanding conversations with existing clientele
  • Re-igniting interest in dormant deals

Enhance the customer experience
Recent consumer research about automotive purchasing during the pandemic showed that shoppers were actually happier with their experience during the COVID-19 lockdown than they had been in any year before it — and that 86 percent of customers shopped online to save time. Another study noted 9 out of 10 consumers “want to know their specific and personalized price or payment” before they ever physically visit a dealership.

Speeding the purchase journey digitally is the easiest and most-effective way to delight your customers, enhance their experiences, and ensure their satisfaction with your dealership. For example, a potential addition to your sales approach could include sending automated remote deals after hours. This capability quickly supplies customers with the information they want whenever they want it — 24/7. AutoFi data shows that follow-ups get an amazing  70% open rate — 6x the industry average.

Another way to move customers down the funnel is Quick Quote — our new automated remote deal feature — which can automatically provide your first response to all leads from all sources. Quick Quote lets you send a first pencil automatically through your CRM. This responsive tool works around the clock to prioritize and issue personalized deals automated as first pencils anywhere, including to third-party lead providers. 

Expand the conversation
Vehicle not in stock? Don’t let your lead wander away without presenting options. Customers may not be aware of a range of details that could impact their purchase decisions. Educate them about custom orders, manufacturer incentives, and CPO

Reignite Interest
Your lead management strategy should leave no stone unturned. Make it a practice to review trades entered in your database up to six months back. Review unsold deals that had a trade estimate and send a follow-up with an updated value in an email or text reminder to reignite the purchase process.

AutoFi has developed a handy Incomplete Trade-in template you can use to automate outreach with potential customers and update them on what your dealership has to offer. Ready to get started? Book a meeting today