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Is Your Dealership Compliant with New FTC Regulations?

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The revised FTC Safeguards Rule deadline of June 9 is approaching quickly and your dealership needs to be compliant with the amended Rule to avoid potentially getting fined millions of dollars for not following government regulations around handling customers’ sensitive credit data.

We know that your dealership wants to focus on what you do best, selling cars. However, FTC compliance is a prerequisite for you to do business. This webinar helps you learn more about how AutoFi can help you mitigate some of the compliance risk associated with FTC rules and regulations today. 

Learn how AutoFi as a service provider can help support you to meet some of the amended FTC Safeguards Rule. This 40-minute session dives deep into specific ways AutoFi can help you:

  • Meet government regulations around handling customers’ sensitive credit data
  • Avoid discriminatory practices around F&I
  • Increase transparency around fees
  • Built consistency between information provided online and in the showroom