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AutoFi Expert Sessions, Episode 5: Paul J Daly

AutoFi Expert Sessions is a webinar series dedicated to giving our community access to the most innovative minds in automotive. This month we’re happy to sit down with Paul J Daly, who has worked in retail automotive for 20 years. From selling his first startup to writing his NADA Dealer Academy trusted book “The Automotive Manifesto,” Paul throughout his career has displayed a commitment to the industry that borders obsession. This commitment has led him to opportunities to work as a brand instructor with Simon Sinek and as one of the alpha members of Gary Vaynerchuk’s mentorship program.

In 2020, Paul conceptualized the first Automotive State of the Union live stream event. From there, ASOTU became the only dealer-owned media publisher, from which Paul works to unite all levels of retail automotive to fully realize its impact and potential in the team members’ lives, our communities, and our nation.

In this session he will share world-class insights on how to best create branded experiences with digital retail. This will be an engaging, helpful session you do not want to miss. Sign up now on the right to hold your spot for the session on April 14th.


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