Does your dealership need a digital retail vision?

AutoFi MasterClass

We know that you’re busy, and taking time to consider abstract terms like vision and leadership seems daunting with so many other things to worry about.

But when it comes to selling online, vision can make a significant difference to the bottom line. The best analogy is CRM. Let’s say, back in 2008, your head of sales calls a meeting and introduces a new-fangled thing called Salesforce, where all the information from all your contacts and leads was to be stored. And then imagine that, instead of providing any vision or leadership for this CRM, the sales leader just disappeared and left the program to flail around on its own.

This lack of focus is what we see too often with online selling today. The company either lacks a solution or a plan, or both.

Change Management

This week’s session of Master Class focuses solely on the nuts and bolts of the vision necessary to ramp up and dominate online selling. I’ll walk you through various personas for implementing programs, and the best objection-handling strategies for working with folks in those roles.

Of course we also want to tie these high-level concepts down to revenue. We’ll examine how companies like Carvana and Vroom supercharged their technologies with clear visions to delight customers and drive profits.

For homework, we ask that you answer questions about your own leadership style and vision for implementing a world-class digital retail program at your dealership.

3 takeaways to share with your dealership colleagues:

  • Vroom’s market cap is so high because of the promise of online selling
  • It sounds wonky but you really do need a vision for digital sales. It would be like having a CRM with no consistent plan for how the team uses it
  • You need to be ready with a specific strategy for buy-in and implementation

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