Five key steps to transforming your business during COVID

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Five key steps to transforming your business during COVID

Icon pointer #1 Step 1: Manage Customer Contact and Outreach

  • Build empathy, and connect with your customers to address the current environment.
  • Market your online showroom and remote dealership capabilities.
  • Use video for face-to-face interaction.
  • Let them know your dealership is open for doing business remotely.
  • Update the dealership’s marketing message to focus on customer safety, convenience, transparency, and highlight OEM incentives and payment programs during COVID.

Icon pointer #2 Step 2: Confidently Explain your Dealership’s COVID-19 Policies and Processes

  • Send a video introducing the new sales and service processes during COVID.
  • Outline vehicle sanitation and social distancing practices for all employees and potential customers.
  • Inform potential car buyers of any changes to in-store hours (or closures) and current customers of any changes to service lane hours of operation.

Icon pointer #3 Step 3: Drive the Sales Process

  • Provide an interactive, remote deal for consideration with vehicle information (example: a video walk around), and schedule a remote consultation.
  • Use Google Hangouts, Zoom, or other video conferencing tools for the remote consultation.

Icon pointer #4 Step 4: Close the Deal Remotely

  • Schedule a remote test drive.
  • Remote test drives can take place either at the consumer’s home, or in a neutral, public location (such as an empty parking lot).
  • The customer can complete the purchase after the test drive.
  • Guide online shoppers through their vehicle purchase on AutoFi. Help them submit their credit application and offer advice on F&I protection option screens. Schedule remote vehicle delivery.

Icon pointer #5 Step 5: Implement Best Practices for Remote Test Drives, F&I, and Vehicle Delivery

  • Deliver final paperwork in accordance with your COVID policy.
  • Set up F&I video chat, and deliver the printed contract or eContract for signature.
  • Following your state’s and dealership’s policies, your BDC or salesperson delivers the vehicle to the customer’s preferred location.


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